In order to push Leads into your Salesforce you must have linked your EyeFrame account with Salesforce.

**You can only link the two accounts if you created both accounts using the same email address**

First go to and click the Salesforce login button.

Once you have entered your credentials, you will be asked if you want to give permission to Leading Reach to access your Salesforce account. Click "Allow."

You will then be returned to EyeFrame and logged into your account. Your accounts are now linked but you still need to Enable Salesforce in EyeFrame.

To enable Salesforce:

Click on ‘My Profile’ in the upper right corner of any page. Next click on the ‘Edit Account’ button of your profile page. Then click on the ‘Salesforce’ tab of the Edit Account page. There will be three checkboxes:

Enable Salesforce: This box allows EyeFrame to communicate with your Salesforce account.

Enable Real-Time Lead Posting: If checked, this option will immediately push new EyeFrame leads into your Salesforce account.

Protect Existing Salesforce Contact Info: If you are worried about overwriting existing Lead's contact info, this checkbox prevents EyeFrame from overriding primary contact info (Name, Phone, Address) when pushing a Lead into your account.

We recommend checking all three boxes.

After you've adjusted your settings, click Save. You now have the ability to push leads into your Salesforce Campaigns! To see how you can connect your EyeFrame and Salesforce campaigns, see our next article, "Connecting an EyeFrame Campaign with Salesforce."

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