Certain shows or events may elect to issue badges through the badge vendor Experient. Experient's RTS (Real Time Data Services) type badges only contain a QR code that represents a Badge ID number and uses an API to retrieve your lead's information, unlike a 2D barcode that would contain the entirety of a participant's diagnostic data. In order for EyeFrame to integrate with these types of badges, you must order the show-specific "developer's kit" and follow the steps below using the 16 digit "activation code" as well as one of your own exhibitor's 4 digit "badge ID" numbers (Please note that you will still need a Honeywell 1900 or Socket Mobile Bluetooth scanner to deploy this type of badge integration).

  1. When creating or editing a Campaign, select "Yes, Badge Scanning is Required" under the requisite question

2. Next, select the Experient (API) option from the listed choices under Badge Type 

3. Finally, input your 16-digit activation code (comes with your developer's kit) and one of your company's 4-digit Experient badge ID's (from a badge you will be using on the show floor) and save your campaign.

4. All supported application types assigned to this campaign will now be able to recognize the API-enabled badges at the specific show or event. Please note that this integration will only last for as long as Experient grants access to their database during and after the show.

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