EyeFrame allows you to order your Content within every Application. This is how your Content will show up on your Kiosk within in each Category or in View All selection.

The ability to move your Content gives you the freedom to organize your white papers, videos, URLs, etc. within in your Application to your preference. If you have Content that needs to be showcased, you have the ability to arrange your Content by importance or by alphabetical order, if you choose.

Located on the sidebar, navigate to the Applications tab and choose Manage.

1. Select the Application you wish to make changes to in regards to ordering content

2. In the Content area, you will see every piece of content assigned to your application in its current order

3. To reorder your Content, click and drag the arrow-icon on the left side under Order until you've assembled your preferred arrangement.

-- Please note, if you have pieces of collateral within individual Categories, these items will stay in order within each Category unless viewing content through the All option in a Digital Collateral Browser.

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