Managing Campaigns:

1. In the EyeFrame dashboard, under the Campaigns tab, select the option labeled Manage.

2. After being directed to the Campaign Management screen, you now have the ability to view or edit existing Campaigns that appear in the list view by selecting the Campaign title or the edit option.

3. If you have selected to view a campaign, you will be directed to the specific campaign dashboard where you will have the ability to choose from several different options as well as view the assigned applications.

A) The Actions toolbar allows you to edit, Clone, Archive or Delete the Selected Campaign. Click the desired button and leading Reach will redirect you to the appropriate page.

B) By clicking the highlighted Application title, you will be directed to the specific Application menu screen.

C) Under these options, you have the ability to preview the application by selecting the Monitor Icon or by adding the quick code extension to (in this case the URL would be: Please note that the quick code must be CAPITALIZED.

D) The Participants category provides you with valuable information about the each individual who has participated in the Campaign, providing an overview of their content selections, first/last name, company and email address.

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