EyeFrame can funnel all the Leads you gather from the trade show floor directly into your Salesforce account!

In addition to the Lead’s basic contact data, you can also receive information detailing how your Leads are interacting with your content. This enables you to see when a Lead requested content, if they’ve viewed it, when, and how many times. If a Lead completed a survey then their responses will also be available in your Salesforce account!

All you need to do is login into your Salesforce administrator account and download the "Leading Reach" package, available here: https://login.salesforce.com/packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04tE0000000V6YW

You'll then be taken to an installation page:

Once you've installed and/or upgraded your software, your EyeFrame leads, their survey results, and their content interactions, will start getting pushed into all your Salesforce enabled campaigns!

If you have any questions or the install did not complete as described, please contact us at support@eyefra.com.

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