Want to share a lot of content but are worried about overwhelming your potential leads? Dividing your content up into Categories makes it easier for your leads to access your resources and identify what is right for them, and we’re now making it easier to manage your Categories across your applications and make changes on the fly! Do you have old and outdated piece of content you want removed from a Category, or simply want to restructure your content?

We’ve now got a solution for you!

Removing Content by Categories:

We’ve made it easier to filter through your content and make sure your Categories are up to date. Rather than look at each piece of content individually, our “Remove Content by Category” gives you a quick overview of your categories and the content you’ve assigned to each one. Just select the category you want to remove or edit content from, hit “Filter,” and you’ll be provided a clear overview of your category, with the option to remove and/or edit content in bulk!

Adding and Modifying Categories in Bulk:

Just as you can remove content from a category in bulk, so too can you add content to a category in bulk! In the Content tab, you’ll see “Bulk Manage.” If you click on that, you’ll be brought to a screen where you have the option to Archive, Publish, and Modify Categories for all of the content on your company profile.

Interested in modifying categories for a specific Application or Campaign? By using the “Filter” option at the top of the screen you can edit content from a specific application or search for pieces of content individually.

Once you've selected which pieces of content you'd like to add, select the "Modify Categories" tab.

From there, you'll be brought to a page of categories, where you can select one or several new categories to apply your content to. Just make you've marked the "Add" checkbox, select your categories, and confirm your decision!

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