There are several different ways to use the EyeFrame App: you can use it for surveys or collateral browsers, online or offline, and with or without badge scanning. Depending on how and when you use the application, you can adjust EyeFrame’s settings to match your lead capture and content sharing needs. While the “auto-send,” “Only via Wifi,” and “Auto Send,” options are all turned on by default, adjusting your device’s settings can come in handy when trying to gather and utilize particular functions and lead information.

For example:

Say you’re at an event and using EyeFrame’s badge integration option to scan and collect your own lead data; however, one piece of information you want to collect (for example, your leads’ Twitter handle) isn’t included in the badge’s barcode. What you can do, is go into the EyeFrame settings and turn off the “auto-send” option and stop the app from auto-sending a lead’s info as soon as their badge is scanned. With this function turned off, you can now scan your leads badge, collect the bulk of their info, and then ask them for their Twitter handle in person, manually enter the data, and then hit send.

By having adjusted the settings, you’re able to keep the convenience and functionality of badge-scanning while also gathering additional lead info (i.e., the best of both worlds!).

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