Campaigns are the framework for events or trade shows, they contain all of your Applications data and content and can be designated for a specific a range of dates according to your company's schedule. If you are planning for multiple shows, events or meetings, it is always a good idea to make sure you have created individual Campaigns and assigned the appropriate applications to each one as needed.

To create a Campaign:

1. Select the Campaigns tab on the left side of the Leading Reach Dashboard

2. Click the add option

3. The Create Campaign screen will then open, and you can input the basic information for your new campaign.

4. The only required fields are:

>The title of the Campaign

>The start and end dates of your Campaign

>Whether or not you will be requesting badge integration for your Campaign

5. When you are finished inputting your new Campaign's information, press the save button at the bottom of the page

6. You will now be able to view your new campaign under the Manage option of the Campaigns tab on the left side of the Dashboard! From here, you can edit your campaign and review its performance.

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