Users are individuals or partners associated with your company. Depending on their permission status, your company Users can manage, create, and delete EyeFrame Applications, Campaigns, Participants, Content, and Reports.

Adding a New User:

1. Once you've logged into EyeFrame, use the lift-side toolbar and select Users > Invite New

2. Enter Email Address and a Personal Welcome Message that will be sent to the new User's email.

3. Click Invite User. A username will be logged under the new user's email address and he/she will receive automated email with login instructions.

Managing User Roles:

There are two types of roles within a company's account: Members and Administrators. While members have the ability to create applications, upload content and download reports, they cannot delete any digital collateral or invite new users to the company--both of these functions are restricted to administrators. In order to designate these roles to any company user, or remove inactive users, you must use the promote, demote, or remove user functions.

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