Using the iPad App Offline

Our iPad application can operate offline, HOWEVER, an internet connection is required when the application is first launched. Once the application has been opened with an internet connection it may then be taken to an area with no internet service. Your application will not work offline if you attempt to launch for the first time without internet connection.

For example, if you know the trade show floor does not offer wireless but your hotel does, you will need to launch the application at the hotel to pull down your collateral, and then it can be taken to the trade show where you may continue using Leading Reach without Internet or Data connection.

  • You will receive a message, Status Change – Your Internet is not connected
  • You WILL still preview PDF content
  • You WILL NOT be able to stream remote video content
  • You can browse, select and send all types of content, proceed as usual with checkout process
  • You will receive a notice when connection is restored You may choose to Sync leads (push lead data and send email) now or later
  • To see/sync unsynced leads: Select Gear icon in lower right, Unsynced lead count is displayed, If unsynced leads are present, select “Sync”

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