How do I create Key Game?

In order to create a Key Game it is necessary to create an application by going to the applications list from the Event admin Section of the Navigation menu.The steps to create a Key game.

1.Fill the Application name

2.Choose the Key game type of the application

3.Attach it to the proper event

4.There is an ability to add the screensaver for the Key Game on the basic tab. You can choose the type of the file you need to upload. It can be video,image, link as you prefer

5.On the bottom of the Basic tab page there is an CSS editor where you can put the CSS code in order to customize the Key Game page.

6. In the Email & Notification tab it is necessary to choose the way to get an email from Key Game.For this type of application there is an only way to get the email and it is Email kit which send you the emails based on the action(If you won you get another email if you lose another).

7.In the Form fields tab it is necessary to choose the fields that are necessary to fill in order to play the game.There is an opportunity to make the fields as required and also to create new fields.For creating new fields you need to click Add new fields button on the bottom of the page and fill the title, name(as usual there are the same) and choose the type of the field.

8.Customize tab allows you

a.Upload background image of the page

b.Upload Game background image

c. To  fill the Welcome Message text,welcome action text,Intro title text, Intro message text, Intro action text,game prompt text,game success message text. Game success help message text,game fail message text,game fail message text, has played message text.

d. Configure the chance to win the game and add the prizes

After all the steps are done you need to return to the basic tab and click the Save button on the bottom of the page which will direct you to the application overview page where you can find the Launch application button in order to launch it.



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