How do I create events?

There are two ways to create an event on the High Attendance platform.

1. There is a button on the top of the right side of the main Dashboard page called New event. By clicking on it you will need to fill the Event Name and choose an event type.

The event type is specific. Each company has its own event types. Depends on the event type the required fields that are necessary to fill can be different. (For example, if the event type is Virtual the address of the event will be the virtual( the link that will take you to the online meeting etc.) After all click the “Next” button and it will take you to the Event Edit page. On the event edit page, it is necessary to fill all the required fields and also add the event manager to the event. After all the required fields are filled on the bottom of the event edit page there is a Publish event button. By clicking on it the event will be live. After the event will be published the user that has been added as an event manager will get an email notification with all the necessary links to the event. 


  1. There is a second way to create an event! On the main dashboard, there is an Event Admin section where you can find “All events”. By clicking on that it will direct you to the All events list page. On the right corner of the page, there is an “Add new” button which will take you to the event edit page. Other steps are mentioned above.

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