Badge Mapping for USB Devices

. Once you’ve logged into EyeFrame, navigate to your Campaign by selecting Campaign > Manage on left-hand toolbar

2. Locate the desired Campaign for badge integration, select the edit icon on the far-right side, and select the Badge Mapping tab once the page has loaded.

3.Click the Raw Badge field and scan a test badge.

4. Click Map Fields.

The Text Delimiter (field separator) should auto-detect, however, you may need to manually enter the Ascii Terminator field. To do this, start by entering the last Ascii value (i.e. 77 in the example above). You may exit out of the window to check the Ascii values.

5. Lead mapping information should appear under the Field Mapping section (as seen in the image below). If they do not appear, repeat sections 5-6 adding the second and/or third Ascii values. If the mapping fields still do not appear after entering the last one, two or three Ascii values, type 16 in the Escape Characters field and repeat at steps 5-7.

6. Under the Field Mapping section, drag and drop each badge value (gray fields) to its corresponding mapping field (yellow fields).

***Not all badge values (gray field box) may have a corresponding mapping field (yellow field). No action is required with the non-matched badge values. If a badge value (gray field) is accidentally dropped into the wrong mapping field (yellow field), simply click Undo.

7. Once field mapping is completed, click Process Badge Mapping > Save


You will automatically be returned to the Manage Application page.

1. Select the same Campaign (by clicking on the name).

2. Click the Preview button for any Application listed within the Campaign

3. Once the Application opens, Scan the test badge used for configuration

4. A greeting will appear if the Badge Integration/Configuration was successfully completed

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