Adding & Uploading Content

Content is anything you want to display in your Collateral Browser – PDFs, videos, web pages, etc. There are two methods of uploading Content, each with its own advantages.

Note that there is a file size limit (~15 MB) for uploaded Content items – if you have large files, you will want to consider optimizing their size or hosting them elsewhere and linking to them from EyeFrame. In addition, Web URLs and Youtube/Vimeo videos will not automatically generate a thumbnail and require you to upload your own screenshot or image.

Method 1: Single Upload

This method uploads a single piece of Content at a time. It is most useful when you’re still getting used to uploading Content, or just don’t have it all available to upload in one sitting.

To begin, click Content, then Add.

The option you select under Upload a File or Remote Location? will depend on the type of Content you are uploading. If you are adding a file on your computer (e.g. a PDF or image), select “Local File”. If you are adding a link to an external web page (e.g. your company’s page or a YouTube video), select “Remotely Hosted”.

If you selected “Local File”, click the “Choose File” button under Source File. Once you’ve selected the file you want to upload, click Upload.

Below that, is where you’ll be able to organize your new piece of content and assign it to an Application and/or one of your preset categories. Simply use the “+” and “-” arrows to add/remove an Application or Category assignment.

Method 2: Bulk Add

This method allows you to upload multiple pieces of Content at once. It is most useful when you have several pieces of local Content ready to upload (e.g. a folder of PDFs).

To begin, click Content, then Bulk Add. Next, click Add files. Select the files from your computer that you’d like to add. In addition to writing out a title for your content, you’ll also have the option to assign each individual piece of content to an Application and Category and also write up a brief content description.

When you’re ready, click Start Upload to begin uploading your files. After the upload is complete, you’ll see SUCCESS! next each piece of Content that was uploaded. If you do not see the “Success” text, or your progress freezes mid-upload, simply refresh the page and restart the uploading process.

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